krypt_kitten (krypt_kitten) wrote in carpe_vinum,

Just got my first shipment!

So my Robert Biale first shipment from the wine club arrived! Very excited!

What arrived in my shipment:

2006 Gaudi Somerston Vineyard Napa Valley Barbera
2006 Royal Punishers Napa Valley Petite Sirah
2006 Aldo’s Vineyard Napa Valley, Oak Knoll Disctrict Zinfandel
2006 Monte Rosso Sonoma Valley Zinfandel

I already know they make a fabulous Zin so anxious to try their Petit Sirah and Barbera!

Considering ordering some Bella Vineyards Zins. Tried them in Healdsburg and dear god were they amazing and not like a typical Zin. Less on the spicey side and definitely more lush fruit, but not too sweet. The Biale, at least the Black Chicken, definitely has more of a spicey type aspect you expect from a Zin, but still seems a bit more refined than most Zins I've had.

I really need to have some people over and crack open some of the bottles of really good stuff I have been accumulating because I just can't drink it all myself since hubby is not a wine drinker. Good thing my mother doesn't live here LOL! I've started sending her some better wines than the jug Carlo Rossi stuff she usually drinks. Not to sound snotty at all, but I have no idea how people can drink that. I am quite certain that with growing up around that it's what turned me off of wine until I dated someone that actually drank "real" wine. It's only in the last few years I've gotten more serious about my appreciation for it. I really need to do some exploring of some Washington wineries since we have so many here. By exploring I mean go visit the tasting rooms! I would really love to head out to Walla Walla and visit L'Ecole and Woodward Canyon!
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