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A number of various wine things!

So today picked up some much needed wine accessories from Esquin. Finally got a sommelier kit for cleaning glasses and my decanter. Also picked up a kit for pulling labels off my wine bottles so I can start keeping a wine journal. Now I just need to find me a journal that I actually like. Found a Tuscan wine I had been on the hunt for, but was just a bit out of the budget for now, but will be a splurge some day. Esquin actually had a pretty impressive selection I must say though I didn't look too closely at the prices other than the Tuscan wine I wanted that is Ornallaia, which was $127.

Went to dinner tonight at a relatively new wine bar in Issaquah that I have been dying to try called Sip. Worth every penny we paid for dinner. With tip and such we walked out of there for just under $100 for the two of us. I had the Kobe top sirloin with a glass of R.H. Philips 2003 Toasted Head Giguiere Ranch Red. A scrumptious blend of Cab, Merlot, Malbec and Petite Verdot. A medium-bodied, elegant red with spicy aromas of ginger and vanilla. On the palate are dried cherry and cranberry flavors with hints of sarsaparilla and shrill oak tannin. That's the description I found online for the wine. Though to be honest it didn't have very strong tannin, which is just fine with me as I prefer to not have too much tannin. It's definitely fruit forward. The bits of sarsaparilla and oak are what you taste secondary and is what tends to linger in the finish, which is a nice long finish btw. It went so well with the steak, my word! Hubby had the prosciutto wrapped jumbo prawns with mango crab stuffing. I had a small bite and that was tasty too! We did an appetizer of crab cakes that was served with roasted pepper fireweed honey coulis and those were phenomenal! The place had nice decor and great service. Food took a little long coming out, but it was so worth the wait!

Just to let the Seattlites know that Sip is one of the restaurants in the 3 for $30 promos going on in the month of May so would be a good time to check this place out! Talking to the gentleman that waited on us tonight he said their wine flights will be changing next Friday to bring in the new Spring releases and he said that their wine flights then will surpass what they currently have. He also mentioned that most of the wine flights they were sold out of the wines, which given it's the time for Spring releases can't say I was suprised. We'l definitely be going back there for dinner for sure!
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