krypt_kitten (krypt_kitten) wrote in carpe_vinum,

I did it!

I joined my first wine club and my first shipment should come the first part of November! I became a member of the Black Chicken Society for Robert Biale wines! I did finally get to try the Black Chicken Zinfandel that I have been trying to track down on our recent trip to the Sonoma Valley. It was every bit as good as I imagined if not better! I also managed to finally track it down in Seattle. For the curious I found it at Esquin. I swear they really do have just about everything there unless the wineries just don't retail other than through the winery itself like a couple of them I went to in Sonoma. It was a little pricier than buying directly from Biale, but I figured after tax and shipping then I probably came out ahead with what I paid at Esquin for it.

Will post the low down on the trip tomorrow.
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