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carpe_vinum's Journal

Carpe Vinum
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This is an approved membership community dedicated to those of us who really enjoy wine or for those that would like to learn more about it and share with each other without being snobs. It is approved to keep folks that would try to start trouble to a minimum. We know price does not equate quality when it comes to wine and that great wines can come in any price range. We share information on wines we've tried, food pairings, and really pretty much anything you want to know about wine. No one is an expert here, wine is just what we really enjoy and appreciate. We are all here looking to broaden our knowledge of wine through sharing information and experiences, without judgement on one another.

Community Rules

1. When you join and are approved please introduce yourself, let us know who you are and why you're interested in wine!

1. No flaming. It's all about wine. Flaming will be grounds for community removal.

2. Personal problems stay outside the community.

3. Community promo is okay as long as it relates to wine in some way.

4. If it does not have to do with wine, do not post it!

Questions or Comments

Contact krypt_kitten or sharkman_75